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We work with stewardship consultants, architects, and builders to provide capital campaign communications.

In serving the unique needs of various churches, Christian schools, and ministries, Catalyst Faithworks has come alongside the best stewardship strategists and church campaign consultants, denominational and regional overseers, church architects, church construction consultants and contractors, bank program managers, executive coaches, financial overseers, and other helpful sources to create capital stewardship campaigns to help raise the funds.

Our unique approach of leveraging visual references in-advance to help set direction and build confidence was initially developed to work upon the proven process of many of America’s finest generostiy / stewardship coaches (see our 300+ design concepts) and capital campaign consultants (see our our design process and our print packages) . We understand and deeply value the fact that many other highly important disciplines come into play in the process of expanding a ministry through fundraising, capital acquisitions and construction, and we gladly adapt to whatever role you need us to play. Church capital campaign communications (or Christian school or ministry fundraising endeavors) can either start early in the overall process as the lead, be developed and disseminated slowly throughout the process, or all come on the back end...it all depends on the overall goals, needs and challenges of the organization in respect to where it has come and where it wants to be. Just help us understand where you are to date, who your unique enlisted partners are, and Catalyst Faithworks will happily fall in line for what is best for you overall. Who knows, we may even know some of the other partners!

So whether your church, Christian school or ministry is needing to raise funds for an annual stewardship effort, debt relief, establishing an endowment, new construction, exterior and/or interior redesigns and upgrades, new audio/visual equipment, or anything else, let us be one of the unique disciplines that you recruit for your endeavor. We can not only save you time, but also help you multiply your valuable people resources. See what some of our clients have to say (testimonials) and the client campaign samples that show our work.

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Stephen Lee, Founder  |  678.896.9296  |