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Steve Lee

Our reference-based approach to developing your fundraising communications...puts you in the director’s chair... and in control of the outcome!

Managing your stewardship campaign, with concerns for budgets, time limitations, and design excellence, can feel overwhelming. I believe design firms who assist churches in fundraising have a “responsibility” to provide stewardship-specific solutions with print package options that lead to reduced stress for the leadership. We have been driven for more than a decade to deliver a proven process of developing church fundraising communications that puts "you, the client" in the center of all that is designed by providing up-front, visual and written references to help you envision the end product in advance. What a confidence boost this has given our clients over the years! Whether you are a church, Christian school, or ministry, our experience tells us that the biggest challenge you will face when working with any design person or group to develop your campaign fundraising communications is aligning their creative subjectivity with your desired end product. A disconnect often occurs between the designer’s creative translation of your directions and what you had actually envisioned. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to have up-front design and copy reference points to assist you in articulating your envisioned end product to us? Catalyst Faithworks’ online visual references and print samples speak volumes for you where words alone often fall short. This customer-centered visual process gives you the assurance that we understand what you mean when you say you want something classic, progressive, traditional, edgy, etc, and ensures that the graphic design develops into church capital campaign materials that you feel good about.

Our Atlanta-based communications firm built its church capital, stewardship campaign process (used by Christian schools and ministries too) around a helpful visual library of more than 300+ design concepts. We also display or provide client campaign samples as an extra visual help. We will look at and discuss your favorite concept or a combination of concept elements from several favorites...or even create something totally from scratch. It‘s your choice.

Our proven process extends even further to feature 240 logo references to aid us in creating your custom logo — an image your donors will rally around! Then with your direction, the church capital campaign logo and design concept are brought together adding your photos, text, and architectural art, into a high quality church fundraising campaign that fits the style of your congregation or donor base (for Christian schools and ministries). We can produce any size church capital campaign package including items such as pastoral letters, case statement vision brochure, Q&A or FAQ sheet, creative ways to give trifold, major donor piece, gift profile guide, financial goal sheet, newsletters, commitment card, prayer journal, PowerPoint slides, web templates, video presentations and interactive DVDs, and more... all to help you maximize your pledges as well as a healthy stewardship culture.

We always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So contact us now...and experience being THE DIRECTOR with lots of visual tools, and IN CONTROL of all that is created!


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Stephen Lee, Founder  |  678.896.9296  |