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Steve Lee

We saw a need for a better, more church-centered visual approach to developing communications for church capital campaigns and church annual stewardship programs!

Few organizations today have as much compelling good news to communicate as a growing church, Christian school or ministry with a vision! Yet, many of these faith-based organizations have little focused professional help to develop fundraising communication campaigns / materials that will galvanize a group of people to action. With important and often overwhelming ministry responsibilities, churches, Christian schools and ministries often struggle with the challenge of planning, producing, and implementing professional high-caliber fundraising capital / stewardship campaigns. Yet this kind of fundraising campaign can be the first step in creating a long-lasting stewardship culture of generosity!

That’s where Catalyst Faithworks came in. Launched in 2001 by Stephen Lee, Catalyst Faithworks was an expansion of Steve's noted Atlanta ad firm Catalyst Marketing Communications, which was rapidly becoming an Atlanta leader in providing high-level church branding and marketing. Having been an elder and consultant in a rapidly growing church multiplication movement in Atlanta, Steve began to see an explosion of church capital campaigns as his church clients began to require capital for land and building expansions. It was not long after that, while working with several of these churches and their contracted campaign consulting strategists, that Steve was given insight to the fact that there was a big need for someone to provide better, more effective, church capital stewardship campaign materials. With concerns for budgets, time limitations, and design excellence, he could see that overseeing stewardship campaign communications effort was often overwhelming for staff and lay leaders. It was then that he began his initial 3-year investment of time and capital to provide a far better stewardship-specific process and design solutions that would lead to reduced stress and time savings for church leadership.

The culmination of Steve’s vision and efforts resulted in unique online, stewardship-specific visual references including 300+ design concepts, 240 logo references for ideas, client campaign samples, written text samples to aid copywriting, and far more. Where words alone often fell short in the church’s effort to articulate their vision for the communications, these helpful visual references spoke volumes! This customer-centered visual process gave the leadership of churches the deep assurance that Catalyst understood their direction and what they meant when they said that they wanted something classic, progressive, urban, edgy, etc. Clients could now be assured the graphic design would develop into the church capital stewardship campaign materials they envisioned and felt good about. See what our clients say.

Churches RESONATED WITH and LOVED this branded process and Catalyst quickly became a leader in developing capital stewardship campaigns, church annual campaigns, and debt relief fundraising materials. Now, more than a decade later, Catalyst Faithworks continues to refine its proven process for church fundraising communications that puts the ministry leadership in the center, or as we say...in the director’s chair of all that is designed, thus elevating and expediting the church capital campaign deliverables. Along with great fundraising strategists and working directly with churches in self-led efforts, Catalyst Faithworks has created stewardship fundraising and church capital campaigns for nearly 500 churches of every type and size as well as many Christian schools and ministries.

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Stephen Lee, Founder  |  678.896.9296  |