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A brand is a PROMISE DELIVERED! Clarity and consistency in communicating the “core benefits” of your promise is an absolute imperative.

Whether developing a ministry logo design, corporate identity package, collateral and mailers, ads, a website design, signage & banners, ministry event themes, pastoral study guides, ministry magazines, or even an integrated advertising campaign with a mix of elements, Catalyst Marketing Communications has 20 years experience drawing out your unique vision and bringing about creative solutions that communicate your promise. We know that the best creative ways to develop benefit-oriented communications are those which intricately involve our clients. We love working closely with you to ensure that we hit the mark with your audience and that the look and feel of your marketing communications “wear well” with you. We strive for our creative efforts to have maximum impact.

Impact...that quality in marketing creative which strikes suddenly against the audience’s indifference and enlivens their mind to receive a message.

Isn’t Impact – that raises your audience awareness – the end goal of your marketing communications? If envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion, contact us to help you tell your target markets about your ministry!

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Stephen Lee, Founder  |  678.896.9296  |