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How to Select a Graphic Design Specialist for Your Church Capital Campaign

Bo Gray

We have been told that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but what happens when your church capital campaign communications team is unable to determine the best picture?

Or, how does the team sort through the maze of media options that can be used to communicate the unique vision and specific details of your campaign?

Also, will the church communications team successfully balance the tension between the professional expectations of the world and stewardship of the Lord’s resources?

A capital campaign is one of the best times for a church to retell its story or recast its vision. Church leaders are responsible before God to see that the vision is clearly and adequately communicated in a relevant, but cost effective manner. Church capital campaign veterans will be the first to assert that communication “costs” must be measured by more than dollars and cents. As a result, more and more churches are turning to professional help from church campaign communications specialists like Catalyst Faithworks.

As a proven leader in church capital campaign communications, Catalyst Faithworks partners with denominational executives, top stewardship consulting firms, and church design-build professionals, to offer added-value communication solutions of professional campaign copywriting, graphic design, printing, and video.

A company like Catalyst Faithworks makes it easy to select graphic design professionals.

Even though Perimeter Church (PCA) in Atlanta had its own in-house resources, Randy Renbarger, Director of Communications, explained why his church selected Catalyst.

“I needed a team that required very little ramp-up time and one that was already well versed in the area of capital campaign promotions,” said Renbarger. “Catalyst Faithworks was familiar with tools and formats used in capital campaigns and that meant that there was no learning curve and we could hit the ground running.

Catalyst was able to grasp the scope and feel of our campaign,” Renbarger said.  “They were quick to make adjustments, and with great commitment and zeal, made every deadline.”

Stephen Lee, founder of Catalyst Faithworks, says, “Unlike most general church marketing and design firms, wefocus mainly on campaign communications because it is our specialty and our passion. Plus, our reference-based approach of designing campaign materials using our concept designs allows our church clients to be in the ‘director’s chair,’ thus having an assurance of what the final outcome will look like in advance.”

Because most people know somebody who “does graphic design,” churches may believe they have plenty of firms or “cottage” designers from which to choose. Yet, let the “buyer beware” because not many “graphic designers” truly know how to help a church find its unique voice to maximize campaign pledges and to develop a thriving stewardship culture.

Catalyst Faithworks does.

Let us assume a church capital campaign communications team is seeking quality and cost effective campaign materials. How should that church select a graphic design specialist? It must take the time to examine and compare by asking questions such as this:

  1. Do they understand the uniqueness of the mission for our church?
  2. Do they have a sound understanding of Biblical stewardship principles?
  3. Does their client list reflect diversity in size, style and denominations?
  4. Do they have demonstrable experience in church capital campaign communications and what references can they provide for this specific field?
  5. Do they understand the framework of the consultant we have already hired?
  6. Do they have a tested reputation of delivering “on time and within budget”?
  7. Do they have tools and resources to help define our unique direction?
  8. Do they offer a roadmap from conceptualization to completion?
  9. Do they exhibit a talent for reaching all generations?
  10. Do they have expertise in a broad range of media?
  11. Are they a “full service” shop or do they “sub” work out to other agencies?
  12. Do they provide up-front, clear pricing options that fit differing size project goals?

Think about this, from financial to medical to political and theological, we live in a culture of specialists. Since a church capital campaign ought to galvanize your people toward a long-lasting stewardship culture, why not select a graphic design specialist?

“I believe it is imperative to engage one who is an expert and who has something that you think will give you the impetus to get your project off the ground,” said Ernie Woodby, Administrator of Great Hills Baptist Church, a 6,000-member church in Austin, TX. “I admire people who have the ingenuity to take something and make it just talk and speak. I see no need to reinvent the wheel when you know that someone out there has information that will be of value to you.”

Lee said his company’s experience and expertise will provide such value and impact.

“We believe impact is the quality in communications that strikes against the receiver’s indifference and enlivens their mind to consider taking action,” said Lee. “After serving hundreds of church capital campaigns, we offer a client-centered process that brings design ownership to the church’s campaign team, and that ownership of the creative communication process leads to a look and feel that makes the best possible impact on their own unique congregation.”

“It is hard for a local graphic design firm or printer to provide the understanding, quality and speed that we can,” said Lee. “After all, church capital campaign designs are our main focus and our passion.”

Renbarger concluded, “I can honestly say, if it were not for the knowledge, experience, talent and tenacity of Catalyst Faithworks there is no way we could have had such a coordinated and visually strong campaign package.”

Want to learn more?

Please contact us at Catalyst Faithworks because:

  1. Capital campaigns like yours are our specialty! Our design packages are tailor-made to your specific capital campaign approach!
  2. We have templated campaign design samples to view via e-mail or our website so that most of the design guesswork is eliminated!
  3. With today’s faster internet connections, viewing and approving our designs on your monitor is so easy it’s like we are on site!
  4. We offer both design and printing services to simplify your job as well as to free your staff and volunteers for other priority tasks!

Our approach to developing church capital stewardship materials...puts you in the director’s chair.

With your direction, we’ll develop campaign communications that resonate deeply with your congregation to build top-of-mind awareness and excitement. We will deliver superior design, printing, and video services for consistent and timely delivery of each campaign communication element. Unlike most general church marketing and design firms, our church capital campaign materials and stewardship fundraising packages focus solely on church campaign communications. Let us not only save you time, but also help you multiply your valuable people resources. We’ve worked with many churches across the country from denominational and non-denominational backgrounds, and we consider every church campaign unique. Along with hiring a consultant, an architectural firm, and church builder, we’ll be one of the best partners you can enlist to maximize your campaign.

Bo Gray, Catalyst copywriter
A former account manager for CATALYST FAITHWORKS, Gray brings a wealth of leadership experience that includes 20 years in the marketing communications field, and another 20+ years in pastoral ministry. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B. S.) degree from the University of Florida and a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Happily married since 1980, he and his wife are parents to six children.

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