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8.5x11" PDF format. Contains 2 pages

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Choose from these five design concepts. We'll burn a DVD and ship it.

• Your team chooses one of the five design concepts. We then send CDs with the working Photoshop background
files of that chosen campaign. The concept backgrounds all come embedded into either an M.S. Word or Adobe InDesign for text layout ease.

• Your team finishes the layout of your text and photos on top of the provided background theme, giving you full control of the final design process.

The DVD includes all the files needed to produce EIGHT campaign communication pieces.

Note: several of the communication items can serve multiple purposes, for example: Bulletin/Devotional Cover can also be used as a brochure.

Design Concepts files come in this file format: layered Adobe Photoshop, pixel-based editable format

Complimentary Bonus Layouts are in these formats: Adobe InDesign with imported Photoshop files* • MSWord with imported Photohop files*

By using our bonus layouts, you will be able to easily replace the provided "fake" text with your own text or you can create your own layout.

*All digital file development, pre-press set-up, and printing management are the sole responsibility of the church.

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