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View our 240 logo references (large window below) to get ideas for your custom campaign logo design. This proven process of creating your “custom” logo requires that you/your team view these online logo references to help you determine your design preferences. We will review your selected logo samples before designing your custom logo. With agreed-upon direction, we will create 5-6 custom logos to choose from. Initial designs are in black to reduce variables. Color is applied later to match the overall campaign design concept.

THE PROCESS: from design concept - to - custom finished materials

With your campaign title and direction, we'll create your custom campaign logo to place on the design background. We'll also provide text/copy samples
(and word counts) to give you guidance in writing/editing your own content. That way, all your materials will incorporate your custom text,
and can include your photos, as well as your church architectural art to customize your communications!

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