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process stages

our DESIGN PROCESS explained

stage 1: design concept determined

For the overall background look and feel of your various fundraising communication items (brochure, pledge card, etc), you get to choose one of our design concepts (as-is or even modified) OR choose a combination of design elements from a sampling of our design concepts. All design concepts are in editable layers...so elements can often be removed or modified...and specific color applications can often be altered. All small people photos shown are merely "placeholders" that you can replace with photos of your own people/services/events/missions. If you want a fully-original design concept developed, not referring to our concepts, we will gladly design that at an additional cost.

stage 2: campaign logo developed

With your direction, we’ll create a campaign logo, and we’ll incorporate it into the design concept in all the communications. You choose the logo development level.

stage 3: written text content, photos and architectural art incoporated into all items

We provide text and layout samples (with word counts) to give guidance and ideas in developing your unique written content. Upon getting your approved specific text content for each particular item in your package, we will incorporate that and, where applicable for certain items, we’ll add in photos of your people/services/events/missions and/or architectural art and floor plans. The various campaign items (brochure, pledge card, etc) are usually worked on in overlapping times so assume several rounds of PDF proofing (back-and-forth) so that you have “approving control” before we go on to each new layout alteration.

stage 4: final approval, printing and delivery

Upon your final approval of each item in the campaign, we will upload that press-ready file to our printer or yours. Digital files are prepared by the printer. An actual hard-copy proof of each item to be printed should be provided to the church as the ultimate final approval. Upon sign-off of the hard copy proofs, the printer produces all toner-based or ink-based printing and ships the materials.

stage 1 alternative: FULLY-CUSTOM DESIGN CONCEPT

Our designer can work with you to create a fully-custom concept design background instead of using one of our 300 options.
This process includes:
1) time to explore design references together to establish an agreed-upon direction based on visuals not mere words,
2) photo searches & image fees,  3) our initial concept design time that yields three design options to choose from or for you to combine.
4) any design modifications to the chosen/final concepts,  5) all calls, proofs and emails.

This process starts at $750.

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