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3D Custom Virtual Tours


Click on the video above to see how a testimonial style capital campaign video is complemented with a 3D Custom Virtual Tour.

Typically 3 minutes in length, 3D Custom Virtual Tours can be integrated into our testimonial capital campaign video to bring vision to the campaign. Your members can “see the future” without reading the plans and blue prints. Our animation partner invented the concept of putting your members into the new building which always adds to the excitement and fun of the presentation.

3D Custom Virtual Tours starting at


What do you have to provide us with for us to create a 3D Custom Virtual Tour for you?

For CUSTOM 3D Virtual Tours, all architects use some sort of CAD program for documentation. We are equipped to decode those CAD files into the information we need to produce a 3D virtual tour.

A more important question is, “How much of the design has been completed?” It is possible but very unusual for a church to have had their architect finish the design before they have their capital campaign.

Because the majority of our work is for churches, we are very good at working with your leadership and your architect to “fill the gaps.” We learn what the cornerstone elements of the project are. Sometimes it is a bigger sanctuary. Or sometimes it is more room for youth programs and “a sink in the toddler’s classroom!” Our custom 3D virtual tour example on this site will show you how we are able to “flesh-out” a design that is pleasing to your members and will help them get excited about the capital campaign.

If you have any questions about what we need to create your 3D virtual tour please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are never to busy to talk about your project. We are experienced at what we do and enjoy helping churches use this exciting technology to achieve their congregational goals.

3D Animation 1

3D Animation 2

3D Animation 3

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