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3D Stock Animation

If you do not have plans yet, or have not even hired an architect, but want to get your congregation excited about what can be, then perhaps our library of stock virtual tours is for you. It is a colllection of stock 3D segments that is available for purchase and can be used to assemble a virtual tour for a capital campaign video.

single segments start as low as


What is a 3D Stock Virtual Tour?
How do we use them?

Stock Virtual Tours are 3D video segments that are available for purchase. These segments are sold by rooms and are available for every category of space that you may have in your upcoming project.

These stock 3D virtual tours can be used to make your own capital campaign video even if you don’t have a design completed yet. It allows you to buy only what you need. You can view the various rooms and spaces. When intergrated into one of our testimonial capital campaign videos Stock Virtual Tours will help cast the vision of the campaign to the congregation.

Stock Virtual Tours are the best way to create an exciting capital campaign video which includes a 3D virtual tour even if you don’t have a completed design yet.

3D Stock Virtual Tours

3D Custom Virtual Tours adult classrooms coffee/fellowship chapel gym/multipurpose children's classroom nursery playground and prayer garden teen fellowship welcome desk worship auditorium fitness center

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