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About Our Faithworks Multimedia Services

High-Caliber Campaign Video

Professional video is a valuable complement to your campaign printed materials and inspires the heart! We offer turn-key video, design and printing to give you a complete communications campaign that will be a catalyst to creating a more thriving stewardship culture.

Our Producer's Network TV Background

Because our video team has over 55 years of combined experience in high-end network television and video production, we know the power of video and how to use it to effectively communicate a message. Leading our team as director of photography and producer is Jeff Duncan. Jeff works for such networks as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and other nationally recognized clients such as Discovery, History Channel and Chevron. He has also worked with numerous broadcast professionals including Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, Dan Rather, the late Peter Jennings, and Mike Wallace... stories have included interviews with well known people like Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Amy Grant, George and Barbara Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Nelson Mandela. In collaborating with these wide-reaching broadcast clients, Jeff has worked in nearly every U.S. states and nearly 15 countries worldwide.

Our Team's Vision and Deliverables

We understand every aspect of video production and the subtle nuisances that can impact the effectiveness of a video. Our team blends their high-level industry experience with their passion for God’s work to create powerful storytelling of the vision and faith challenges that significantly impact a congregation. Our clients will receive the same level of quality and professionalism that Jeff provides to his broadcast and corporate clients. After going through our production process your church will have a video that is equivalent in quality and impacts to documentaries seen on television. Your video will effectively bring to life the purpose and goals of the campaign, emotionally wrapping your members around one common goal. Paramount to our team is providing these critical deliverables: 1) great client service and a clear process; 2) professional journalistic interviewing; 3) network-quality lighting and filming; 4) cutting-edge post-production; 5) online client video viewing. Jeff's delivery options include a range of video formats. Call us to find out how we can you help you further your impact for Christ.

Narrative-based Storytelling...Makes the Most Lasting Impact

At Catalyst Faithworks, a script is never written before a shoot. Sound bites from interviews are the key to videos done by us. In the interviews an experienced interviewer using well-designed questions draws testimony out of the interviewees to reveal the needs of the church, their passion for God’s work, and their dreams for the Church’s future. They are the best conveyors of the message you need to communicate. We have observed congregations connect much more to the campaign this way than by hearing an unkown voice narrating the needs of the church. Do not let the chance to tell your story and vision to your people be lost in flashy effects but lack the foundation of good shooting/lighting, storytelling, and high-end editing! With these core disciplines handled by proven professionals, your video can communicate your campaign goals with a clarity and impact that will make a lasting impression.


The Team

Interested in having your video shot in High Definition? Give us a call to talk about HD options.


Critical Questions
to Ask Your Video Production Source

1) How long should my capital campaign video be? How long is too long?

2) How can poor camera work such as unmotivated zooms distract the viewer?

3) How can an editor without fundamental edit theory confuse the viewer with poor edits and reduce the impact of the video?

4) Should the interviewees be given a script or interviewed in a conversational manner?

5) Will the viewer place more credence in hearing fellow congregants talk about the church or an unknown narrator?

6) Is the b-roll video relevant to the message being heard in the audio track?

7) Does my video have a beginning, a middle, and an end?

8) Is there too much text overwhelming the viewer with too much to read as they try to listen to the audio simultaneously?

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