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Flight Calculator

Save Time:

The Catalyst Crew travels on your schedule not on an airline's schedule.

Our privately owned airplane carries the crew and ALL of the equipment required for your shoot. Experience has taught us how to pack for portability and maximum efficiency. This saves in fuel costs and setup time.

Unlike the airlines, the Medius Video Productions plane can land at all airports, small and large. The proximity of small rural airports to remote locations often eliminates hours of crew time spent driving to your location and back to the major airports.

Save Money:

In most cases, the cost of a camera crew's commercial airline tickets alone are higher than Catalyst Video Productions' per mile cost. In addition, the airline's excess baggage and skycap fees are saved - savings we pass on to you.


Flight Cost/Time Estimator (One-Way)

Use this calculator to help you estimate our crew's one-way travel
cost starting at our home airport in Houston.

Select Your Destination from the "To:" Dropdown List



For multi-leg shoots and most Florida destinations*, use the MULTI-LEG VERSION of our trip calculator and record the details for each leg as you determine them. Click here

*Catalyst Faithworks does not fly over open ocean. If your Florida destination requires crossing areas of the Gulf of Mexico, assume a flight to Gainesville as leg one.

If your destination does not appear in the list, contact us for an estimate.


The Team

Interested in having your video shot in High Definition? Give us a call to talk about HD options.

Flight Calculator
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