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Video Samples

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Bayside Church, Sacramento

Bayside Church is a growing 19,000 member Church in suburban Sacramento serving its local community and beyond. Catalyst worked with campaign leaders to create an energetic video that clearly defined the purpose and goals of the campaign and motivated members to get involved at all levels.

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First Presbyterian Church, Boca Raton

This video incorporates elements from a computer generated animated walk through Catalyst produced using digital architectural plans supplied by the church’s architect. This took viewers on tour of what the church would look like after expansion.

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First Baptist Church, Greenville

This first video began a five video series which was played over the course of five Sundays. The videos were written to compliment the messages and educate the membership on details of the campaign. Additionally, the series focused on the importance of stewardship, sacrifice and prayer.

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Foundry UMC, Houston

Foundry United Methodist Church is a diverse urban/suburban congregation in a growing area of Houston. This video focused on capital needs and purpose, and it received maximum exposure as it was shown in small groups, mass-produced and distributed on DVD, and shown during a Sunday morning service.

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First (Scots) Presbyterian, Charleston

First (Scots) is an American landmark with a presence in downtown Charleston since 1731. They were challenged with building a new education wing and re-purposing existing facilities to accommodate a growing congregation and a traditionally large number of tourists/visitors.

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St. John's Catholic Church, San Marcos

This first video in a five video series was also played over five Sundays. It was designed to define various issues the church currently faces, introduce construction and renovation plans, and lay theologically sound foundations for the capital campaign.

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Community Fellowship, West Chicago

Most churches include the Newcomer Video in their production options since it is very affordable and it has a relatively long shelf life. It can be used as a newcomer handout for several years, helping newcomers and visitors quickly acquire an understanding of your church’s personality and mission in a short video.


The Team

Interested in having your video shot in High Definition? Give us a call to talk about HD options.

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